Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Alrighty. I've been very absent from most things online for quite some time now. Things have been fairly meh and I've had pretty much no interest in stitching. Our sweet furbaby kitty Eliza passed away in May and I just haven't had the heart to pick up the scroll frame with no one there to instantly OMGSIT on it as soon as I put it down to change threads. One day I hope to go back to them. Cross stitching has always been a hobby for me over the years; its just kind of ebbed and flowed in and out.

For the time being, however, I've discovered kumihimo, and I've been using that to keep my hands busy. Plus, with my mother selling her beadweaving at the local crafter's shows, I've been able to use this little distraction to make a smidge of extra spending monies. I even set up an Etsy shop! (There's a link in the side bar.)

Most of the kumihimo I've done has been with DMC cotton threads, although I've experimented with the metallics and verigated DMC as well as crochet thread. I've also been playing with beaded kumihimo, which I think is more where my current crafty trend is heading. Both Mom and I hope to be able to participate at some of the larger local festivals (such as the Oconee Fall Festival, October 20th in Watkinsville, GA and perhaps even AthFest in 2013). I have plans for other crafts besides the kumihimo, such as origami star earrings, modge podged notebooks, other braiding techniques, et cetera.

For now, this much-neglected blog will be a bit more general crafts focused, although I plan to leave the name/url as "Stitchy Lilly." I hope having the blog around again will help keep me on top of taking photos of finished pieces, as I'll need them for posterity and Etsy!

Some examples of the kumihimo I've done:

 Hopefully I can be a better blogger and stay a bit more up-to-date! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. wow they all so beautiful..i love the colors so much.
    have a lovely day xx