Monday, April 30, 2012

Ugh. I've really been in an icky place this past while, so very little stitching has been getting done. I've still got all that backstitching left on Ornate Butterfly, but I keep getting lost in the pattern, so it hasn't been a good choice for stitching and TV watching. Woman with Bouquet has been half-heartedly poked at a few times, but no "real" progress worth taking a photo of.

Despite that, I hope I get out of the slump enough to make a little something for one of my coworkers. Her daughter-in-law went into labor SEVERAL weeks early with twin girls (they were only 29 weeks), and one of the tiny darlings just didn't make it. We're a very small company, with people having worked here 20-30 years, so its kinda like an extended family; we're all super sad for them. I was thinking of just doing a little name sampler for the sweet girl who is still trucking it along, since they changed her middle name to be her sister's first name. Just something for Grandma to have, ya know?

Just going to have to smack myself a few times and get out of this funk!