Thursday, March 22, 2012

March IHSW

My IHSW wasn't very productive. =/ I am, however, almost done with Ornate Butterfly! I had done pretty much all of the progress on this before IHSW, but I needed to update the photos anyway.

I've finished all the regular and half stitches and now it's down to all the back stitches, couching, and knots. I think it looks amazing and I already have the frame bought! Going to have to be sure I pack it up carefully for delivery, since it is a gift for a dear friend. <3 I hope she likes it as much as I think she will.

I've also started on Woman with Bouquet, mostly because I just couldn't help myself! I got the fairly large EZStitch kit with all the different size bars and I was itching to make use of it. I haven't made much progress on her yet, though. Just the first bit of a flower and her sleeve.

I also grabbed everything I need for my YRP sprite stitch. Once I finish up Ornate Butterfly, I'll probably juggle Bouquet and YRP. How was everyone else's IHSW? :D


  1. Hello

    Your butterfly is absolutely beautiful. What a lucky friend.

    I love Woman With Bouquet and you've made a lovely start.

  2. Oooh! I love that butterfly! It's so pretty! I had a great weekend stitching :D

  3. The butterfly looks fantastic and such rich colours, I am sure your friend will be thrilled.

  4. YAY LILLY! I gave you an award, come check it out! :D