Monday, February 20, 2012


I didn't get nearly as much done this weekend as I had hoped on Ornate Butterfly. One reason being:

I'd put the scrollframe down to rethread my needle and Eliza would go "MINE" and deposit herself in her new chair in Mama's lap... (Ignore my super tacky pj pants! Hehe.)

I did make some progress despite having to play grumpy mother to my own mother. She managed to make a tendon in her knee very mad and I guilt-tripped her into actually going to the ER to get xrays about it. She'll live, but that pretty much ate up my Sunday evening stitching time.

The lighting at work is kinda meh, but I think you get a better idea of the colors here. Once I get this sucker done and gifted to its new home, I'm going to do a little name sampler as a gift. My best chic friend has 5 (yes FIVE) kids and I thought doing a little sampler of their first and middle names in different colors would make a nice birthday gift. So! I have until the end of April to get both Ornate Butterfly and a name sampler done. Wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew again. Ah well!

Hope everyone else had a very fruitful (or at least enjoyable) IHSW! <3


  1. hello dear, its me cucki from south africa :)
    thank you so much for following my humble so happy :)
    your stitching is looking so sweet..keep it up..
    aww sweet kitty..
    have a lovely day..
    hugs cukci xx

  2. Looking great. I hope your mom is feeling better.